Theme: Atomic Physics - RLE Immersion

In this theme, an extensive range of investigations are carried out in ultracold atoms, quantum condensed gases, and atom optics. New methods are being developed for manipulating and probing Bose-Einstein condensed atomic gases and exploring ultracold interactions and collision dynamics. Additional work focuses on atom lasers, atom interferometry, atom waveguides, surface physics, quantum reflection, many body physics in lower dimensions, plasmas, and electromagnetics.

Principal Investigators in this theme are:
Prof. Martin Zwierlein, Prof. Vladan Vuletic, Prof. Wolfgang Ketterle, Prof. Daniel Kleppner, Prof. David Pritchard, Prof. Issac Chuang, Prof. Paola Cappellaro, and Prof. Rajeev Ram

Organizing Committee for RLE Immersion: Atomic Physics

Jesse Amato-Grill, Ketterle group,
Kristin Beck, Vuletic group,
Ulf Bissbort, Cappellaro group,
Boris Braverman, Vuletic group,
Amira Eltony, Chuang group,
Mark Ku, Zwierlein group,
Sebastian Will (head of the committee), Zwierlein group,

Event Video

Rapid Research Talks

A Brief History of Atomic Physics at RLE: Breakdowns and Breakthroughs, presented by Prof. Daniel Kleppner and Prof. David E. Pritchard

Event Photos

Photos from Ulf Bissbort and William J. Adams


Rapid Research Talks

Introduction: How making the coldest matter in the Universe lifts the veil on quantum mechanics
Ivana Dimitrova

Tools of the trade: Synthetic matter with tailored energy landscapes and interactions
Tout Wang

Quantum simulation in optical lattices: Representing the hot and dense with the cold and dilute
Colin Kennedy

Quantum simulation with Fermi gases: Superfluidity
Lawrence Cheuk

Entanglement and measurements: Making things quantum
Boris Braverman

Optical cavities: Coupling light and matter
Dorian Gangloff

Atom-like systems: Heating things up
Alexandre Cooper

Trapping ions: The purest quantum systems
Helena Zhang

New frontiers: The next decade of cold atom physics
Alexei Bylinskii


Poster Presenters

More posters will be added shortly

Professor Wolfgang Ketterle

Ultracold Chemistry with Light Alkali Molecules
Tout Wang*, Myoung-Sun Heo, Timur Rvachov, Dylan Cotta, Chenchen Luo, Pascal Notz, Derek Kita, and Wolfgang Ketterle

Realizing the Harper Hamiltonian with Spin Mixtures of Ultracold Atoms
Colin Kennedy*, Georgios Siviloglou, Hiro Miyake, Cody Burton, and Wolfgang Ketterle
* | Poster PDF (4.4mb)

Simulating gauge fields with neutral ultracold atoms
Junru Li*, Boris Shteynas, Wujie Huang, Edward Su, and Wolfgang Ketterle
* | Poster PDF (1.1mb)

Quantum Magnetism with Li7
Niklas Jepsen*, Ivana Dimitrova, Jesse Amato-Grill, William Lunden, Yichao Yu, Michael Messer, and Wolfgang Ketterle
* | Poster PDF (11.1mb)

Professor Martin Zwierlein

Towards a Microscope for Ultracold Fermions
Lawrence Cheuk*, Melih Okan, Matthew Nichols, Vinay Ramasesh, Thomas Lompe, Waseem Bakr, and Martin Zwierlein
* | Poster PDF (1.7mb)

Probing Strongly Interacting Superfluid with cold Fermi gases
Mark Ku*, Lawrence Cheuk, Wenjie Ji, Biswaroop Mukherjee, Elmer Guardado Sanchez, Tarik Yefsah, and Martin Zwierlein

Towards Fermionic Ground State Molecules with Strong Dipolar Interactions
Jennifer Schloss*, Jee Woo Park, Qingyang Wang, Sebastian Will, and Martin Zwierlein
* | Poster PDF (9.2mb)

Professor Vladan Vuletić

All-Optical Switch and Transistor Gated by One Stored Photon
Wenlan Chen*, Kristin Beck, Robert Bücker, Michael Gullans, Mikhail Lukin, Haruka TanjiSuzuki, and Vladan Vuletić
* | Poster PDF (1.5mb)

A nanoscope for friction using trapped ions
Dorian Gangloff*, Alexei Bylinskii, Leon Karpa, Marko Cetina, and Vladan Vuletić
* | Poster PDF (4.8mb)

Spin Squeezed 171Yb Atomic Clock beyond the Standard Quantum Limit
Akio Kawasaki*, Boris Braverman, and Vladan Vuletić
* | Poster PDF

Generating Entangled Non-Gaussian States of Atomic Ensembles by Single-Photon Detection
Hao Zhang*, Robert McConnell, Jiazhong Hu, Senka Ćuk, Monika Schleier-Smith, and Vladan Vuletić
* | Poster PDF (870kb)

Quantum nonlinear optics with cold Rydberg atoms
Qi-Yu Liang*, Ofer Firstenberg, Thibault Peyronel, Alexey Gorshkov, Sergio Cantu, Sebastian Hofferberth, Thomas Pohl, Mikhail Lukin, and Vladan Vuletić

Photon-Photon Interactions
Ofer Firstenberg
* | Poster PDF (830kb)

Professor Paola Cappellaro

Time-resolved magnetic sensing with electronic spins in diamond
Alexandre Cooper*, Easwar Magesan, Honam Yum, and Paola Cappellaro
* | Poster PDF (1.5mb)

Dynamical Decoupling Magnetometry
Masashi Hirose*, Clarice Aiello, and Paola Cappellaro

Tailoring the diamond – solid immersion lens coupled to Silicon Vacancy centre in diamond
Luca Marseglia*, Lachlan Rogers, Kay Jahnke, Christoph Müller, Boris Naydenov, Hardy Schauffert, Christine Kranz, Tokuyuki Teraji, Junichi Isoya, Liam McGuinness, Fedor Jelezko, and Paola Cappellaro
* | Poster PDF (2.3mb)

Time-optimal dynamics with alternating controls
Clarice Aiello*, Michele Allegra, Xiaoting Wang, Boerge Hemmerling, and Paola Cappellaro
* | Poster PDF (7.8mb)

Emulating solid-state physics with a hybrid system of ultracold ions and atoms
Ulf Bissbort*, Daniel Cocks, Antonio Negretti, Zbigniew Idziaszek, Tommaso Calarco, Ferdinand SchmidtKaler, Walter Hofstetter, and René Gerritsma

Professor Isaac Chuang

Microwave quantum logic spectroscopy and control of molecular ions
Molu Shi*, Peter Herskind, Michael Drewsen, and Isaac Chuang

Towards single ion-single photon strong coupling for quantum networking
Helena Zhang*, Michael Gutierrez, Amira Eltony, Molu Shi, Richard Rines, and Isaac Chuang
* | Poster PDF (6.2mb)

Algorithms for a scalable quantum computer: optimal pulse sequences, QFMP factoring, and Bayesian inference
Theodore Yoder*, Guang Hao Low, Richard Rines, and Isaac Chuang
* | Poster PDF (3.9mb)

Previous Events

Mon, December 2 • 4–5pm • 32-123 (Stata)
A Brief History of Atomic Physics at RLE: Breakdowns and Breakthroughs
presented by Prof. Daniel Kleppner and Prof. David E. Pritchard
followed by a social with drinks and canapés


By appointment
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Wed, November 20 • 4–7pm • 36-428/36-462
Rapid Research Talks and Poster Session
drinks and canapés will be served at poster session (4th floor lobby of building 36)


Research Groups

The Atomic Physics groups are structured as the Center for Ultracold Atoms:

MIT-Harvard Center for Ultracold Atoms (CUA)

Sub Research Groups of the CUA:

Atomic Quantum Gases Group

Atoms and Photons Group

Quanta Research Group

Quantum Engineering Group

RELATE - REsearch in Learning, Assessing, and Tutoring Effectively Group