Theme: Quantum Computation and Communication - RLE Immersion

This area of emphasis features efforts in quantum information processing and transmission, with extensive new initiatives in quantum computation, superconducting circuits and understanding and exploiting quantum teleportation.

Principal Investigators in this theme are:
Prof. Dirk R. Englund, Prof. Jeffrey Shapiro, Dr. Franco Wong, Prof. Issac Chuang, Prof. Paola Cappellaro, Prof. Seth Lloyd, Prof. Terry Orlando, Prof. Karl Berggren, and Prof. Rajeev Ram

Organizing Committee for RLE Immersion:
Quantum Computation and Communication

Edward H. Chen (head of the committee),
Alexandre Cooper-Roy,
Ben Dixon,
Simon Gustavsson,
Sinan Karaveli,
Catherine Lee,
ZiWen Liu,
Tim Schröder,
Helena Zhang,
Zheshen Zhang,


Event Videos

Rapid Research Talks

Event Photos

Photos from Ulf Bissbort


PI Talks

Semiconductor Quantum Technologies for Information Processing and Sensing
Prof. Dirk R. Englund

Quantum Cryptographic Key Distribution via Entangled Photons
Dr. Franco N.C. Wong

Rapid Research Talks

Diamond Nanophotonics for a Scalable Quantum Network
Edward H Chen |

Entanglement-Based Quantum Key Distribution
Catherine Lee |

Entanglement’s Benefit Survives an Entanglement-Breaking Channel
Zheshen Zhang |

Nuclear Spin Dynamics in One Dimension
Ken Xuan Wei |

Optimal Arbitrarily Accurate Composite Pulse Sequences
Guang Hao Low |

The Quantum Future
Seth Lloyd |

Quantum Information Science with Superconducting Artificial Atoms
Will Oliver |

Quantum Machine Learning
Patrick Rebentrost |

Quantum Photonic Processors in Silicon
Jacob Mower |


Poster Presenters

Achieving High Fidelity Quantum Information Processing with Tunable Superconducting Atoms
Archana Kamal |

Algorithms for a Scalable Quantum Computer
Ted Yoder |

Beamsplitter for Free-Space Approach to Non-Demolition Quantum Electron Microscopy
Chung-Soo Kim |

Characterizing Excited-State Population in a Transmon Qubit
Xiaoyue Jin |

Dynamical Decoupling Magnetometry
Masashi Hirose |

Emulating Solid-State Physics with a Hybrid System of Ultracold Ions and Atoms
Ulf Bissbort |

Enhanced Quantum Spin-Sensing Using Light Trapping in a Bulk Diamond System
Hannah Clevenson |

High Efficiency, Large Area SNAP with Integrated Optical Cavity
Kristen Sunter |

Long Spin Coherence in Nanoscale Diamond Qubits
Matthew Trusheim |

Nanowire Superconducting Logic without Josephson Junctions
Adam McCaughan |

The Quantum Enigma Machine
Cosmo Lupo |

Quantum Photonic Processors in Silicon
Jacob Mower |

Scalable Single-Photon Detection on a Photonic Chip
Faraz Najafi |

Tailoring the Diamond—Solid Immersion Lens Coupled to Silicon Vacancy Centre in Diamond
Luca Marseglia |

Time-Optimal Dynamics with Alternating Controls
Clarice Aiello |

Time-Resolved Magnetic Sensing with Electronic Spins in Diamond
Alexandre Cooper-Roy |

T1rho Experiment as Noise Spectrum Analyzer
Fei Yan |

Universal Relationship between resistance, thickness, and critical temperature in thin superconducting metal films
Yachin Ivry |

Previous Events

Wed, February 19 • 4–6pm • 36-428/36-462
Research Talks, presented by Prof. Dirk Englund and Dr. Franco Wong
refreshments will be served at the social from 5-6pm


Mon, February 3 • 4–6pm • 36-428/36-462
Rapid Research Talks and Poster Session
drinks and hors d'oeuvres will be served at poster session (4th flr, R&D, Stata, Building 32)


By appointment
Lab Tours
signup forms will be available at the 2/3 poster session


Research Groups

Optical and Quantum Communications Group

Quanta Research Group

Quantum Engineering Group

Quantum Information Group

Quantum Nanostructures and Nanofabrication Group

Quantum Photonics Group

Superconducting Circuits and Quantum Computing Group