Theme: Information Science and Systems - RLE Immersion

This theme includes a complete range of activities over all aspects of electronics, including structures, devices, and circuits, analog and digital systems, MEMs and bioMEMs, nanotechnologies, numerical and computational simulation and prototyping, biologically-inspired systems, digital signal processing, advanced telecommunications, medical imaging, and the exploration of fundamental issues in wireless networking and devices.

Principal Investigators in this theme are:
Prof. Lizhong Zheng, Prof. Jae Lim, Prof. Muriel Medard, Prof. Vincent W.S. Chan, Prof. Robert Gallager, Prof. Jacob White, Prof. Luca Daniel, Prof. Anantha Chandrakasan, Prof. Arthur Baggeroer, Prof. Alan V. Oppenheim, Prof. Vivienne Sze, Prof. Mehmet F. Yanik, Prof. Dennis Freeman, Prof. Greg Wornell, Prof. Markus Zahn, Prof. David Perreault, Prof. Rajeev Ram, Prof. Timothy K. Lu, Prof. Jeffrey H. Shapiro, and Prof. John Wyatt

Organizing Committee for RLE Immersion:
Information Science and Systems

Mina Karzand: Professor Zheng’s group,
Gauri Joshi: Professor Wornell’s group,
Sefa Demirtas: Professor Oppenheim’s group,
Xun Cai: Professor Lim’s group,
Weifei Zeng: Professor Medard’s group,
Nivedita Chandrasekaran: Professor Shapiro’s group,
Henna Priscilla Huang: Professor Chan’s group,


Guest Speaker: Dr. Henrique “Rico” Malvar

Rapid Research Talks


Rapid Research Talks

Chan Group

Communications and Network Group Overview
Matt Carey

Lim Group

Advanced Telecommunications and Signal Processing Group
Megan Fuller

Medard Group

An information-theoretic approach to inference and security
Flavio du Pin Calmon

Oppenheim Group

Functional Composition and Decomposition in Signal Processing
Sefa Demirtas

Conservation in Signal Processing
Tom Baran

Shapiro Group

Ergodic Capacity Bounds for Photon Information Efficient Communication through Atmospheric Turbulence
Nivedita Chandrasekaran

Experimental Implementation of Photon Information Efficient Communication in Free Space
Zheshen Zhang

Wornell Group

ADC design with Imperfect Comparators
Da Wang

Compression Systems with Model-Free Encoders
Ying-zong Huang

Encrypted Computation
Hongchao Zhou

Zheng Group

Geometry of Mapping over the Manifolds in High Dimensional Signal Spaces
Mina Karzand

Poster Presenters

Chan Group

Communications and Network Group Overview
Matt Carey

Lim Group

Advanced Telecommunications and Signal Processing Group
Xun Cai

Algorithms for Transform Selection in Multiple-transform Video Compression
Xun Cai

Analysis of One-dimensional Transforms in Coding Motion Compensation Prediction Residuals for Video Applications
Lucas Nissenbaum

Medard Group

Heterogeneous Anonymity Network using Network Coded Gossip Techniques
Colleen Josephson

Integrating P2P and CDN for wireless edge caching: An optimized coding approach
Weifei Zeng & Flavio du Pin Calmon

Interplay of Channel and Network Coding in Sensor Applications
Georgios Angelopoulos

Locally decodable source coding
Ali Makhdoumi

Matched Filter Decoding of Random Binary and Gaussian Codes in Broadband Gaussian Channel
Vitaly Abdrashitov

Network Coded Storage with Multi-resolution Codes
Ulric J. Ferner

Using Network Coding and Congestion Control To Improve Wireless Transport Layer Performance
Jason M Cloud

Oppenheim Group

Innovative Algorithms For Signal Processing—Inspired by Nature
Tarek Lahlou

Parameter Recovery for Transient Signals
Tarek Lahlou

Shapiro Group

Entanglement’s Benefit Survives and Entanglement-Breaking Channel
Zheshen Zhang

Photon Information Efficient Communication through Atmospheric Turbulence
Nivedita Chandrasekaran

Wornell Group

Photon-efficient communication and key distribution over optical channels
Ligong Wang

Signals, Information and Algorithms Laboratory
Gauri Joshi

System Level Perspectives on Variable Rate Channel Codes
David Romero

Throughput-Delay Trade-offs in Streaming Communication
Gauri Joshi

Zheng Group

Superadditivity of Quantum Channel Coding Rate with Finite Blocklength Quantum Measurements
Hye Won Chung

Previous Events

Tue, March 18 • 3–5pm • 34-101
Guest Speaker:
Dr. Henrique Malvar,
Microsoft Research
Recent Advances in Information Processing

View abstract and speaker bio >>
refreshments will be served following the talk


Tue, March 11 • 4–6pm • 34-101
Rapid Research Talks and Poster Session
Refreshments will be served at the Poster Session in the R&D (Stata, 4th flr)


Research Groups

Advanced Telecommunications and Signal Processing Group

Communication and Network Group

Computational Prototyping Group

Continuum Electromechanics/High Voltage Group

Digital Integrated Circuits and Systems Group

Digital Signal Processing Group

Energy-Efficient Multimedia Systems Group

High-Throughput Neurotechnology Group

Micromechanics Group

Network Coding and Reliable Communications Group

Optical and Quantum Communications Group

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