Theme: Nanoscale Materials, Devices and Systems - RLE Immersion

This theme comprises research in fabricating surface structures at nano scales, nanomagnetics and microphotonics, periodic structures, superconductive materials, and carbon nanotubes.

Principal Investigators in this theme are:
Prof. Karl K Berggren, Prof. Polina Anikeeva, Prof. Marc Baldo, Prof. Mildred Dresselhaus, Prof. Dirk Englund, Prof. Yoel Fink, Prof. Jeffrey Grossman, Prof. John Joannopoulos, Prof. Jing Kong, Prof. Rajeev Ram, Prof. Marin Soljacic, Prof. Yang Shao-Horn, Prof. Henry I. Smith, Prof. Vladimir Bulovic, Prof. Timothy K. Lu, Prof. Franz X. Kärtner, Prof. Qing Hu

Organizing Committee for RLE Immersion:
Nanoscale Materials, Devices and Systems

Richie Chen (Anikeeva Group)
Dan Congreve (Baldo Group)
Richard Hobbs (Berggren Group)
Francesco Bellei (Berggren Group)
Sam Nicaise (Berggren Group)
Annie Wang (Bulovic Group)
Michael Walsh (Englund Group)
Michael Rein (Fink Group)
Billy Putnam (Kaertner Group)
Eléonore Tham (Lu Group)
Karan Mehta (Ram Group)
Ognjen Ilic (Soljacic Group)
Joseph Elias (Shao-Horn Group)


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Rapid Research Talks

Multimaterial Multifunctional Fibers
Michael Rein

Multimodality Fibers for Simultaneous Optical, Electrical and Chemical Communication with Neural Circuits in Vivo
Xiaoting Jia

Detecting Single Photons on a Chip
Faraz Najafi

Fabricating Quantum Networks
Sara Mouradian

Billy Putnam

Organic Opto-Electronics
Dan Congreve

Self-Assembly from Nanoscale Building Blocks to Complex Systems
Sam Nicaise

2D Materials
Wenjing Fang

Poster Presenters

Asymmetric Growth of Graphene on Copper Enclosure with Layer Control by Chemical Vapor Deposition
Wenjing Fang

Chemical Synthesis in Fiber Drawing
Chong Hou

CMOS-Integrated Photonic Crystal Microcavity Devices
Erika Ye

Coherent Spin Control of a Nanocavity-Enhanced Qubit in Diamond
Michael Walsh

The Electrochemical Energy Laboratory (EEL) at MIT
Marcel Risch

A Facile Route for 3D Aerogels from Nanostructured 1D and 2D Materials
Sungmi Jung

Michael Rein

High Throughput Design of Solar Thermal Fuel Materials
Yun Liu

Magnetothermal Multiplexing for Biomedical Applications
Michael Christiansen

Non-Demolition Quantum Electron Microscope in Free-Space
Chung-Soo Kim

Philip Keathley

Nanophotonic and Cmos-Integrated Optics Architectures for Trapped Ion Quantum Information Processing
Karan Mehta

On-Chip Graphene Optoelectronics
Ren-Jye Schiue

Optical Broadband Angular Selectivity
Yichen Shen

Poster Title TBA
Ritchie Chen

Poster Title TBA
Saima Afroz Siddiqui

Three-Dimensional Nanofabrication using Hsq/Pmma Bilayer Resists
Hyung-Wan Do

Topological Weyl Points and Line Nodes in 3D Photonic Crystals
Ling Lu

Transistors Using Magnetic Materials for More Energy Efficient Computing
Jean Anne Currivan Incorvia

Ultra-Compact Low Threshold Organic Laser
Tom Mahony

Ultra-Thin and Lightweight Parylene Substrates for Organic Solar Cells
Joel Jean / Annie Wang

Previous Events

Fri, October 24 • 3–5pm • 34-101
Panel Discussion: Perspectives on the Future of Nanotechnology
Moderated by Carol Lynn Alpert (Museum of Science) and Featuring: Prof. Vladimir Bulovic, Prof. Henry Smith, Prof. Polina Anikeeva, Prof. Dirk Englund, and Prof. Jeff Grossman
Refreshments will be served following the panel discussion
Submit questions to the panel >>


Tues, September 30 • 4–6pm • 36-428
Rapid Research Talks and Poster Session
Refreshments will be served at the Poster Session in the R&D (Stata, 4th flr)


Research Groups

ab initio Physics Group

Bioelectronics Group

Electrochemical Energy Group

Fibers@MIT Group

Grossman Group

Millimeter-wave and Terahertz Devices Group

MGM Group

Nano-Materials and Electronics Group

NanoStructures Laboratory

Organic and Nanostructured Electronics (ONE Lab)

Photonics and Modern Electro-Magnetics Group

Physical Optics and Electronics Group

Quantum Nanostructures and Nanofabrication Group

Quantum Photonics Group

Soft Semiconductor Group

Synthetic Biology Group

Ultrafast Optics and X-Rays Group